As Texans, we love our beef!  Heck, we love all our meat, but a good steak is always a plus.

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Have you ever wondered where you can get really great locally-raised beef?   I am not talking about running over to your local grocery stores.  Most of that meat comes from elsewhere.  I'm talking about where you can find Texas Panhandle-raised beef.

You'd be surprised at how many different places are available to purchase locally-raised beef, pork, etc.  Keep in mind, you aren't going to get "grocery store" prices at these businesses, but you will get high-quality meat products.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

WT Meat Lab

This is a meat laboratory on the campus of West Texas A&M University.  It's a part of the Animal Science degree program that teaches students how to convert a cow to meat for consumption.  They also have the meat for sale at really great prices.

Shulte Beef

Shulte is located in Nazareth, Texas and they have a store online where all their beef is available.  You can also find them at the Goldspread Farmers Market at 10th and Plains during the season.

Panhandle Meat Processing

They offer locally raised beef, pork, and lamb.  They have a store here in Amarillo where you can go pick out some really great meats.  They also have packages available.

Edes Meats

They are a local processing plant that's been in Amarillo for decades.  They have their main location on McCormick and their storefront at Hillside and Bell.  Both locations offer high-quality cuts of meat.

Clint and Sons Processing

If you don't mind a drive to White Deer then Clint and Sons is another great place to go to get locally-raised meat.  Clint and Sons are also locally famous for its beef jerky.

Another great idea is to go to the source of the meat our local farmers and ranchers and talk to them about purchasing a whole cow.  It may be quite a bit of money upfront, but you'll be set on meat for a long time.  Just make sure you have the freezer room.

Holy Cow Beef

This is also a great alternative for purchasing locally-raised meat.  They do have delivery to Amarillo.

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