One of the great things in life is going to the movies.  What's even better is going to the movies at a drive-in and Amarillo is lucky to have the Tascosa Drive-In.

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I don't know about you but I always love going to the drive-in, because it makes wondering if our parents and grandparents had the same excitement going.

What's great about Tascosa is you get a double-feature when you go.  Two movies, one price.  I love that!  Where else are you going to get two movies with one ticket, and no theater hopping doesn't count.

However, with all that said, Tascosa Drive-In will be raising their ticket prices.  Now, keep in mind before you get upset, they haven't raised prices in 10 years, and you are still getting two movies for the prices of one.  Adults will now be $9 and kids are still $5.  Plus, Sunday you can get a carload in for $15.  That's a deal right there!

This small price hike shouldn't deter you from having this great experience.   It's a fun place to take the family.  Pile in the car, SUV, truck, etc.  You can turn the back of your SUV or Truck into a movie oasis.  Make it fun and have a great time watching some great movies.

Tascosa Drive-In is local and always has been, they are locally owned, by some amazing people.   Plus, they are way cheaper than other venues in the area.  Plus, it's easier to cuddle up with your sweetheart in the car.

Make plans to visit Tascosa Drive-In and can catch a couple of movies all the while supporting a local business.

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