Yesterday the folks over at Toot N' Totum announced a new location at I-40 and Lakeside and according to CEO Rodger Hudson:

“The new location is by far the largest and most exciting project in our portfolio. Having spent several years in research and development, we believe it will offer amenities that are not currently found in the Amarillo market” 

Let's look at the last part of that statement, There are plenty of stops that offer these amenities along both I-40 and I-27. I'm no over the road trucker, but I've logged my share on many of the highways across this great state and here in Amarillo the bigger name truck stops all offer these amenities(Love's, Petro, TA) I'm not saying TNT got it wrong... I just want to see where the facts and details came from. Honestly for the casual driver like you and me we aren't looking for those anyway.

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My main point. The common driver like you and me need something more unique than just a regular convince store. and while some of these locations offer food... I say it's time we graduate...

We need Buc-ee's

Michael Rivera, Townsquare Media
Michael Rivera, Townsquare Media

Let's just say I have a love affair with this beaver... and why not?! It's the only restroom break on the highway that will cost you at least $65 after you stocked up on beef jerky, taffy, beaver nuggets (basically giant corn pops) and whatever else strikes your fancy while in the store... and believe me you can go crazy in a place like that. The hot food is in a class all it's own with breakfast tacos in the morning giving away to bbq sandwiches in the afternoon.

pile of beef jerky shot with selective focus

Don't get me started on the restrooms which are actually in a constant state of cleaning (don't worry there's so many stalls you wont miss out) and well stocked. This is a major step up from most places where you're too terrified to even think of using them no matter how bad you need to go.

Then there's filling up... The average Buc-ees has at least 50 pumps with massive purchasing power which helps bring down their prices.

So where would you put this bad boy? I'd say I-40 between Amarillo and Vega, you need it to be a welcome to Texas stop. show folks who ain't from here we mean business and why not! plus why not take advantage of the Route 66 crowd. share and share alike I always say... and Buc-ee's is definitely worth the share.

By the way... the nearest one is in the DFW area... Road Trip?

Let's go!!! What kinda petition do I need to start for this? Who's with me?

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