It's Christmas time and that means building gingerbread houses with your friends and family.  One Williamson County, Texas employee went all out with her gingerbread house.

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It's a Buc-ee's Gingerbread Store!

Each year  Deanna Vaters with the Williamson County Tax Accessors office builds a gingerbread house for her office. This year she and her husband decided to go all out and build a Buc-ee's gingerbread store.

This Buc-ee's gingerbread store is complete with everything. It has gas pumps, with people pumping their gas, and even people charging their electric cars. If you look in the windows of the gingerbread Buc-ee's you can see people shopping in the store. It even has people and their pups doing their business in the grassy pet area. To top it all off, Santa and his reindeer are taking off from the top of this decked-out gingerbread Buc-ee's. Heck, it probably even has the world's cleanest gingerbread bathrooms.

Where are the Beaver Nuggets?

Did we miss them, I don't see any Beaver nuggets on this gingerbread Buc-ee's.   Since Deanna created this amazing gingerbread house,  will we see gingerbread Buc-ee's kits in the convenience stores next Christmas?

The gingerbread Buc-ee's is on display in Georgetown, Texas, at 904 S. Main St.  Remember to look but not touch!  It may look good enough to eat but don't even think about it.

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