We all know you "Don't mess with Texas." But what does that really mean? Someone posed this question over on Reddit.

What exactly does "Don't mess with Texas" really mean?

I always thought it meant that Texans look out for one another. Kind of a "Texans for Texans" kind of thing.

For example, if someone wore a mask to prevent another Texan from getting sick and dieing from a pandemic, they are embracing "Don't mess with Texas" wholeheartedly.

So if that's really what I think it means... Are people not wearing masks messing with Texas?

I like where this person was going at the beginning. "Texans for Texans." That's got a good vibe to it. It's one of the reasons I love Texas. We don't always agree on everything, but it's still a family. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of having a family. You have the family you agree with, the family you argue with, and the family that you really wish wasn't part of your family. Here are some of the responses that popped up on Reddit.

It from an anti-litter campaign back in the 80s

I sometimes forget spelling and grammar aren't exactly the best on Reddit.

Don’t mess with Texas was an anti littering campaign to encourage people to take care of the land in Texas. It just became a popular slogan to throw around after that. Basically, take care of nature, so if you’re going to wear a mask please dispose of it properly.

Alright, we're sticking with the anti-littering campaign. Of course, there's always that dude that just posts the Wikipedia entry to answer a question.


This is a good place to start

But, the top answer, or at least the one that I liked the best.

Why don't you mess with it and find out

Of course, we will post this article on our Facebook page and chances are the majority of comments will be people telling us that it's from the anti-littering campaign and calling us stupid for even asking the question.

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