I am still pretty new in town, so this is my first time working with Children's Miracle Network on their annual radiothon with Townsquare Media - The Bull, Mix 94.1, and 96.9 KISS FM.

As the newbie, there was a lot to learn about CMN and quickly. But with all the information I was given to talk about, there are a few items that really stood out and I wanted to share with you. If you need any reason at all as to why you should give to CMN, here there are:

1. Every cent stays local - that's right, nothing leaves town. Children's Miracle Network of Amarillo and the High Plains keeps all your donation dollars right here in town. In fact, the big project they are working on now is to build a specialty facility so that children don't have to go to Dallas or larger cities for treatment. They will be able to stay local all the way through their care.

2. CMN works with panhandle children everywhere - Whether a child ends up at Northwest Hospital or BSA or even out of state, if they are local to the panhandle, they are served by Children's Miracle Network.

3. Children's Miracle Network is more than hospital bills - yes, CMN will help local families pay large portions of their hospital bills, but the organization is so much more! As noted above, they are currently raising funds to break ground on the new Amarillo specialty medicine building. With that comes funds to recruit specialty doctors to move to Amarillo and work from that new building. CMN also funds the Child Life programs at both local hospitals. That is everything from toys for the kids to enjoy while in the hospital, to learning materials to help them understand what they are going through.

And there is so much more! But that is just a little sample of all the important work Children's Miracle Network does for us in the panhandle. It only takes $15 a month to become a Miracle Maker and save a life. Please donate today at 1-877-335-5437 or CMNAmarillo.org.

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