I never thought I would be so content with staying home as much as I have been lately. Don't get me wrong, I am still getting out of the house for grocery shopping, radio station birthday parades, and carryout food, but that is about it. I really thought I would miss my old daily routine, but to be honest, working from home has been really nice!


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    Working From Home

    I was always a person that loved going into the office. It provided a separation between work and home. It was also just plain easier to get the job done when you were on the company network and using the equipment at the radio station. However, technology continues to change and I can now do every single thing I can at the office now at home. From doing a daily radio show, to programming the stations, to just regular office work. I can do it all remotely just like I am sitting in the building. Combine that with video chatting and virtual teams, we probably talk more now as a team than when were together in person.

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    My New Routine

    The first couple of days we all started staying at home, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I was bored by lunchtime seeing the same surroundings. However, I quickly developed a routine and before I knew it, I was getting more done daily than before the virus hit. I would get right up, grab a coffee, get dressed, and hit my desk. Getting right into my job daily got my mind going and I was more productive. Around lunch time is when I would take the time to grab a shower and some food. That also gave me a nice midday break. Then back to work for the rest of the day. Once I started the new routine every day, I was rolling right along. I will miss this new routine as I will have to go back to my old routine once we move back into the office.

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    Hidden Culinary Skills

    I have never cooked at home this much in my entire life. I am still not a chef by any means, but I have certainly picked up some new cooking skills. I stocked my freezer early on and I didn’t want any of that food to go to waste. I use my instant pot a lot, but also have found myself utilizing the stovetop and oven. I really hope that once I get back out and about, that I don’t slip back into eating out all the time. While it is easier to just pick food up, eating at home has been cheaper and healthier too.

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    Spending More Time With My Pets

    This might be the thing I will miss the most. I have a large Mainecoon cat and a rescue parakeet. And while the parakeet won’t stop talking all day, he is fun to watch and listen to. My Mainecoon is my buddy. He is glued to me at the hip no matter where I go in the house. Now, he sleeps on my desk all day while I work. I love that. It is so nice to have him right there and be a stress reliever. I will miss having them around as much as I do now.

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    Getting Chores Done

    Don’t get me wrong – I work hard every day. But, being able to throw in a load of laundry or start the dishwasher real quick in the middle of the day is awesome. I feel like I am getting more done with my daily work and now more done at home without costing me any extra time. I must say, haven’t felt this “put together” in my adult life.

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