I'm not a fitness expert. I'm also not the picture of perfect health and vitality....but gosh darn it-- I want to be! And of course, the key to that is getting up, moving around, and finding new and exciting ways to get active.

This brings me to my latest segment of "Things In Your Life You Don't Need But Can Certainly Blow Your Money On". Relax, I've already searched the finest of internets and for the nice low price of $40 bucks you get the Smart Hula Hoop in all of its glory:

The principle of how this works is relatively simple, You're basically taking a little bit of weight and putting it on a track that goes around your waist-- which, if you look at the models in the video may not represent the full spectrum of body sizes found across this great land of ours. As you rock your hips to move the equipment like a hula hoop would, the weight moves in a dynamic similar to that of a real hula hoop without the disappointment of it falling straight down your legs for all the world to see.

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Seriously though, watch the video. Bad english dubs and all, I can't really knock this product because, as cheesy as it looks, it does get you up and moving. And as I said, that may be the key to better health. Isn't that what we all want? Let's face it, we're well past New Year's and all its resolutions. Which means there isn't any resolution left to break. You can commit to this, at the very least. Or, at the very least, it makes for interesting conversation when it sits on your coffee table after you're gotten bored with it.

Oh....and it also comes in blue.

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