New Year, new you for 2022. Yes, that is about as overused as anything else these days. If you are though, seriously, looking to improve your fitness here in the new year it really doesn't have to cost you a lot.

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In fact, if you play it right it doesn't have to cost you a thing. You only have to count on a good weather day here in Amarillo. It seems we do have a lot of those. Heck unless it is raining or snowing you can still get out. Even on those days you can if you bundle up.

We have a lot of great parks here in Amarillo. A lot of them have walking trails to help you on your fitness journey. Yes, they look just like sidewalks, because that is what they are. They are a lot of sidewalk that usually leads you to walking around the park. You can get your steps in.

Our schools have great walking trails too around their parks.

Check out the best places to walk, in our parks, here in Amarillo:

Walk Your Way To Fitness in Amarillo for 2022

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