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Amarillo's Wine Down and Dessert Wars 2019, presented by United Supermarkets, Market Street, and Townsquare Media, is the best GNO event of the year.

Come enjoy unlimited sampling of the finest wines in the panhandle and surrounding areas, plus your favorite local bakeries will be sampling their best desserts.

It is the perfect way to wind down before the busy holiday season!

Let's be honest ladies, anytime we go to a fun event there is one thing we have to decide first -

What to wear! We took the guesswork out of this decision.

For this year's Wine Down and Dessert Wars, why don't you go all out!? We went through the best wine/dessert related clothing on Amazon you are going to LOVE!

1. Got Wine? Hat. Luckily, at this event - the answer will always be YES!

2. Can this shirt get an AMEN?

3. Maybe wine isn't your thing; you just have a sweet tooth.

4. If you are there for desserts or wine, you FOR SURE will need some stretchy pants.

5. This may be the only event it is acceptable to wear your favorite dessert.

6. Let's not forget your shoe game.


Haha, this may seem a little crazy, but whatever you decide to wear, we can't wait to see you at the Winedown and Dessert Wars!


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