While the majority of us all focus on trying our best to play nice and get along, there are those times when cooler heads just can not prevail. This has us wondering; what are the places you get yelled at in Amarillo?

Amarillo Social Media Pages

Yup. Yeah. It'll happen if you get brave enough to stick your nose in the comments section of a post on any of the many Amarillo themed Facebook groups (*cough* Ask Amarillo Anything and its resident grouch, Mr Claude Saunders *cough*). Hell, even Reddit can be a bit risky at times if you don't fall in line with the rest of the crowd.

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I-40 (Both Ways)

The tension we all feel navigating the never ending construction on I-40 is enough to have us all on edge. If you really want to get your verbal comeuppance, don't use a blinker on I-40. You can also decide you're not going to merge onto the highway properly. You can even drive 10 under the speed limit.

Any Parking Lot Entrance That is Facing Traffic

You look up and see a light turning red. You think to yourself that means you need to stop. You stop 3 car lengths behind the car in front of you, blocking the entrance and exit to a parking lot. Be prepared to see a lot of NSFW words being hurled your way through surrounding windshields.


Speaking of parking lots, watch out for this one. Drive the wrong way down one of the lanes, don't slow down for the crosswalk, steal a parking spot from someone that's been waiting and you're definitely going to get yelled at.

What Did We Miss?

Where oh where would a person go to fulfill that masochistic itch to be hollered at and called all sorts of colorful names? Let us know what places in Amarillo are hotbeds for getting yelled out by filling out our poll. We'll post the results so we can all yell at each other about it.

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