Every character in 'Yellowstone' has their own distinct personality and that personality kind of fits certain towns in Texas.   If the 'Yellowstone' Cast were Texas towns, these are the towns they would be, and it is spot on.

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If you're like me you love watching Yellowstone, there's something about the rugged, uncensored window into ranching.  Plus, you can't go wrong with falling in love with all the characters.  Unless you're Jamie, and well you're very hated.  Oh an all the people who try to antagonize John Dutton, you're hated as well.   Let's not forget about Beth, she is the baddest "B" to be featured on TV in a very long time.  That woman doesn't take anything off anyone, well anyone but her Dad, but let's face it, it's Daddy.  Lest we forget about Rip, the forgotten boy who made a way for himself and grew up with the Duttons learning the rugged way of the ranching world and all the drama that goes with it.  He doesn't put up with any drama and will not hesitate to knock you down and put you in your place, or drop you off at the train station.

Terese Blommaert of Crown B Ranch/Performance Horses, located outside of Borger, whipped her take on "who's from where?" and it's too good.

Here's what she gave us and it is a gem, God bless you Terese for this list.

Where the Cast of 'Yellowstone' Would Be From If They Lived in TEXAS

Suppose the characters of 'Yellowstone' were all Texas natives..What town do you think they'd be from?

Well, Therese from Crown B Ranch took a stab at this fun "what if" game and the results are hilarious.

Agree or disagree, you have to admit that this is one heck of a fun debate to have with fellow Yellowstone fans.

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