When Broseph formed in 2011, they had no idea how quitting their day jobs as school teachers and engineers and moving to Nashville would work. The six best friends just knew they wanted to write songs, hang out with each other and perform for other people. And, seven years later, the boys are still going strong while building a dedicated fanbase of listeners and fellow musicians alike.

“When the band started back in 2011, it was basically just a platform for me and my buddy Russ to write songs and play for free beer in our hometown bar," says lead singer Brock Jones. "Our growth into a full band kind of happened organically. We just started writing and jamming as friends in college, and we haven’t really stopped since."

Hailing from Illinois, Broseph have made a name for themselves with a fresh take on country music that combines hard-rocking guitars and twangy banjo licks, creating a sound that is country swagger at its best. Pair that with the feel-good vibes and rock 'n' roll-influenced live shows that Broseph have become known for all over the Midwest, and you've got a country band poised for great things.

In October, Broseph released their sophomore EP, Let's Do This, which is currently available to purchase on iTunes or stream on Spotify. Scroll on to learn five things you need to know about the up-and-comers.

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