Carrie Underwood hasn't been shy in telling the world about her life-changing November 2017 fall — she's talked about it dozens of times — and it was important to her to be forthcoming.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (Sept. 19), Underwood explains why she wanted to tell her fans what happened after she took a tumble outside her Nashville-area home: so they wouldn't come to their own conclusions.

"My biggest worry at the time was that if I say nothing, then later on 'cause people pick apart ... I mean, you know what that's like, just being under a microscope," the "Love Wins" singer tells DeGeneres. "I feel like people are going to say, 'What has she done to herself electively?' It wasn't a choice."

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That happened anyway (talk show host Wendy Williams made headlines when she accused Underwood of getting voluntary plastic surgery), but Underwood had armed fans with the truth, and thus, a good defense against naysayers.

Nearly a year and 40-50 stitches later, Underwood says she feels "pretty close to normal." She broke her wrist in the fall, and later had repairs to her face in the mouth region, like her chin, teeth and lips. While she didn't lose any teeth, she did chip the bottom ones on the stairs, but says it was an easy fix.

"I fell up steps a little bit. I tripped before I got there and the step was the problem," she recalls. Adrenaline had kicked in, so she didn't realize how bad her fall was at first. Underwood's toddler son, Isaiah, was asleep at the time, and her husband Mike Fisher was out of town, so she had to call in backup to get to the hospital.

"If it would have been flat ground I would have been fine," she swears. "I went to catch myself and I barely missed the step and I jammed my hand in there and hit my face. I feel like anytime something happens it was adrenaline and you don't really know until you take a second to assess."

"It was one of those random things in life. I feel like we all have some unexplainable randomness that happens sometimes. I feel good now," she concedes.

While on Ellen, Underwood also performed her single "Love Wins" and revealed that she knows the sex of the baby she's expecting — but she's not telling yet. The superstar is roughly halfway through a healthy pregnancy after three miscarriages.

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