With Easter approaching, the thought of baby bunnies, ducks and chicks fill our minds.  But that is the worst thing you could buy your kids this Easter!

Every year when Easter rolls around I see baby bunnies, chicks and even ducks for sale.  They seem to be everywhere.  And the idea is a cute one, but not usually a well thought out one.  Bunnies, chicks and ducks are real animals and just like any pet need love and attention.

They need to be fed, cleaned and attended to daily.  The fact is that the idea is all for novelty.  They are cute, but what happens when Easter is over?  The novelty goes away and the time and attention needed is no longer there.

People rush to buy these cute animals without thinking.  So what happens when Easter is over?  Well, most of these animals get abandoned at a local animal shelter or worse, released into the wild.  And that is exactly what the ASPCA is warning the public about, saying the majority of rabbits will end up at the local animal shelter after Easter.

So maybe a cute little bunny rabbit isn't the best choice as a gift for a young child on Easter, maybe a chocolate candy bar shaped as a bunny is a better bet.  Or even a trip to a petting zoo.  Think the decision all the way through before deciding to purchase these cute little animals.

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