Willie Nelson returns with a new music video for "Heaven Is Closed," a song featured on his latest album Last Man Standing. Released earlier this year, the project includes 11 new tracks penned by Nelson and longtime collaborator Buddy Cannon.

The three-minute video for "Heaven Is Closed" features Nelson in the studio with his band recording the song. Dressed casually in a t-shirt and flannel with his hair pulled back in his signature braid, Nelson sings of how he's forced to stay on earth thanks to heaven being closed and hell being overcrowded

"Heaven is closed and hell's overcrowded / So I think I'll just stay where I am / So many people, well it sure is lonely / Who even gives a damn?" he sings.

Accompanied by harmonica player Mickey Raphael alongside some pedal steel, electric guitar and light percussion, Nelson's wavering vocals and insightful lyrics are at the forefront of the song. He can be seen singing "Heaven Is Closed" from the studio while reading the lyrics from a music stand before picking up his treasured acoustic guitar to join in with his band.

Last Man Standing is Nelson's 11th studio album for Legacy Recordings, and follows his previous release, God's Problem Child, which also showcased seven Nelson and Cannon co-writes and debuted at No. 1 on the country charts. The two collaborators have been working together for a decade, as Cannon has been at the helm of more than a dozen of Nelson's previous album releases. The country legend released Last Man Standing on April 27, two days before he celebrated his 85th birthday.

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