For the second time in two months, a guest disregarded the safety measures in place at the El Paso Zoo and entered an animal enclosure.

Video taken after a young woman breached the Spider Monkey enclosure shows her standing just a few feet away from the primates, who can be seen reaching for food the woman throws in their direction.

According to FitFam El Paso, which posted video of the incident, she fed them Hot Cheetos, although there is no evidence to support that and could have just been another snarky remark by the Instagram account author as the page is known to make them quite often.

At one point, after the girl sits down underneath the waterfall, one of the monkeys gets close enough to grab whatever it is she is feeding them from her hand before scampering off.

“Stupid and lucky” is how the zoo director described the woman’s antics on a local news station I was watching, and almost everyone who commented on the FitFam post couldn’t agree more – although they were way more vicious than the zoo director.

“Tell me you're an idiot without telling me you're an idiot,” “This lady is so stupid I hope they do press charges. Would of been great if the monkeys attack[ed] her,” “that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. People have no respect rules, animals, or themselves” are some of the ones I can print.

Seriously, what is wrong with kids today? Although Spider monkeys might appear harmless -- even adorable – because of their size, they are wild animals and a wild animal can become violent when agitated.

In fact, before the video cuts out, as the woman is wading back to the fence she crossed, one of the monkeys can be seen charging at her before being stopped by the water barrier.

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