A good deed may be its own reward, but it's also the unfortunate reason this woman's car was stolen.

Jennifer Jones' car was indeed stolen after she ran out of it to help tend to a fellow motorist who was involved in an accident when an SUV crashed into a median in Hawaii last weekend.

Jones pulled over to help and saw a woman with blood all over her face, as well as two men.

While Jones pulled the woman out of the SUV, the driver of the car inched his way toward Jones’ vehicle and fled in it.

It happened so fast and I’m sitting there trying to attend to her and stop her bleeding and it took a minute to register that this man just stole my car.”

As it turns out, the car involved in the crash had been stolen and the bleeding woman had been hitchhiking. The men in the SUV reportedly had a knife which they fought over with the woman, allegedly causing the accident.

The victim went to the hospital, while the other man in the car was arrested. The man who stole Jones’ vehicle is still on the loose.

There is a silver lining, though.

When Jones got home, she opened the Find My iPhone app, since she realized her phone had been in the car. She found her car, along with the thief’s clothes in the trunk.

The whole incident has left her shocked. “I would never expect it in Hawaii,” she said. “It’s like where’s the aloha in this? “To steal the car of someone that was trying to help you is kind of a slap in the face.”

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