WT is known for trying new things. But what do you think of the Division 2 school dabbling in cloning?

West Texas A&M University is at the forefront of creating high-quality beef. Back in 2012, researchers at WT used four clones (one male and three females) to produce thirteen calves. Their end goal is to consistently get high quality beef.

As of right now, the highest quality beef only comes from about 0.3 percent of cows.

These thirteen calves were the first ever offspring of two cloned carcasses. The USDA evaluated seven of the males for yield grades.

The researchers made sure these calves were raised in the exact same environment as all production cattle, but the steers from the cloned group all achieved high yield grades that surpassed the national averages.

Ty Lawrence, West Texas A&M University Professor of Animal Science, said the experiment will continue, but perhaps outside of the university in order to gain access to growth-enhancing technology.

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