Now I'll be the first to admit, Growing up in the desert southwest, the idea of learning to ice skate is right up there with learning how to speak German or French. It's not high on the radar and for most of us the only time we ever saw ice skating was during the Olympics or when Disney, Sesame Street, Insert whatever kids show you want on ice came to town and Hockey, which surprisingly is a thing and we will fend off any challenge from our northern friends any day of the week.

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There's actually a lot to it and to watch the athlete work their magic is actually very cool. Like any well trained athlete it takes time to build and hone the craft but we all gotta start somewhere right?

Vit Kovalcik

Amarillo Hockey Association's Return to the Rink

The folks over at the Amarillo Hockey Association have announced their summer group lessons which actually start today and run through August. There are different dates and weekend group sessions are available and what it comes down to is about an hour of instruction with a group lesson and individual training. Speaking of, Individual options are available too at additional costs.

So what would you learn?

Much of these lessons are the basics and freestyle skating. Freestyle skating (Freeskating) basically put is jumps, spins, steps and the movements that link them together.

These lessons won't make you the next Brian Boitano, Michelle Kwan or Tara Lipinksi but it's a great place to start and as hot as it's going to be this summer a pretty awesome way to beat the heat.

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