Many people are finding a little known setting on their cell phones, Android and iPhones.  The setting uses Bluetooth and random numbers to keep track of the phones you come into contact with. Then, when someone tells the system they’ve been infected, it will alert all of the phones that they came into contact with. The system however, doesn’t track location or identities and technicians agree it does a great deal to protect individual privacy. Still, the system isn’t getting much traction and that’s probably due to privacy concerns.


Apple and Google announced plans for the new software back in April. It was released as a software update in iOS 13.5 and as an update to Google Play Services around the same time.  The bad news is that you can’t uninstall it; the good news is that it’s not doing actually doing anything, yet.  North Dakota, Alabama and South Carolina say they’re building apps that use the framework. In a statement, Apple says 22 countries have expressed interest in using the system, but big states, including New York, Texas and California haven’t gotten on board.


So, what has actually been installed? It's not an app; it's the framework within the operating system that will allow such an app to function once it becomes available and if you decide to install it. Until then wash your hands and wear a mask.