My family loves Halloween. A lot of us love Halloween. This house that is giving out 100lbs of Halloween candy takes that love to another level.

Small Town Halloween Heroes

Last year was rough, especially for kids. A lot of the bigger events for Halloween wound up canceled, and trick-or-treating was a hot topic of debate.

While several among us argued over whether or not we should be handing out candy, one house in Canyon stepped up to the plate and handed out 100lbs worth of Halloween treats.

Just How Much Candy Is 100lbs

For this little exercise I had to find go look up bulk orders of candy. I was able to find a breakdown of 10lb boxes.

Just to wrap our minds around how much candy 100lbs is, let's look at mini peanut butter cups.

In a 10lb box of mini peanut butter cups, you'll find roughly 300 pieces of candy. That means 100lbs of mini peanut butter cups is around 3,000 individual pieces.

That, is a lot of candy.

Where To Find This Magical Halloween House

Finding this house really won't be hard. You'll easily see their love for all things Halloween. There are all kinds of decorations in the yard.

According to legend, this house handing out a baby hippo's weight in candy is located on 11th in Canyon.

I recommend looking for the decorations. There are a lot of lights, and it's pretty kid friendly.

Halloween 2021 Is Going To Be One For The Ages

There are so many events happening this year, it's been tough to keep up. There are several trunk-or-treats happening in the area. Haunted houses are open for business. We're even getting a viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show this year.

Catch A Fright This Halloween at These Amarillo Haunted Houses (2021)


If you didn't jump, don't sure will if you step foot into any of these horrifying Halloween haunts!

They've spent all year preparing to deliver the most bone-chilling, heart-racing, and terror-inducing scares. Be sure to hit them all, we've got all the information for you below!

Here are all of Amarillo's Haunted Houses for Halloween 2021!

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