I can't believe this story is real but a lady in Texas just found out she a felony warrant out on her arrest for, get this, having an overdue VHS tape from twenty-one (21) years ago!

For sure I thought this was a story straight from The Onion or a satire tale from The Spoof, but nope! It's a real harrowing tale of life for Caron McBride. She was a wanted felon in Norman, Oklahoma, where she used to live. This wasn't on her record as a slight misdemeanor, they labeled her a straight-up F-E-L-O-N. I could not even imagine!

What had happened was...

In 2000, her boyfriend at the time, unbeknownst to Caron, had rented Sabrina the Teenage Witch and never brought it back. Carol was deemed a criminal guilty of federal EMBEZZLEMENT. Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Movie was not and will never be capable of worthiness to send somebody to the slammer, I don't care how funny that black cat and 'nem were! If anybody should be arrested it should be Caron's ex-boyfriend, who had questionable taste in made-for-tv movies, amirite?

Caron isn't the only person charged with felonies for forgetting to return those stupid VHS tapes, others have found out the hard way that they, too, have a warrant out for their arrest over "rented property". Yikes.

Lucky for Caron, the prosecutors dismissed the charges but you might not get so lucky! It might even be a good idea to check up on your own personal rap sheet to see if there are any warrants out for YOUR arrest. It would suck to get pulled over for an improper lane change or what have you, and then get arrested over VHS tapes!

Click here for info on the Longview Warrant Amnesty Program. Be quick about before the April 30th deadline comes and goes!

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