So a few weeks ago my daughter got her wallet stolen. In it were all her credit cards and her Drivers License. So we needed to get her a new one stat.

So her previous license that got stolen was in the UNDER 21 format (she just never got a new one when she turned 21). She figured it would cost more money and wasting time in line. So she said it wasn't worth it. So her drivers license was all weird looking and vertical. Easy for someone to know to check the date and make sure you are indeed over 21.

We also knew her ID expired in 2020 and she would need to get it renewed and get her Real ID. Since she was going to need that in order to fly later that year. It is a new law. Read about it HERE.

Basically you need the Yellow Star above the expiration date on your ID to travel as of October 1st. That is the Real ID. It verify's your identity. You can also use a passport but if you don't have one......this is the cheaper alternative.

So anyway back to my daughter and her drivers license fiasco. I went online to Texas DPS to replace her missing ID. I paid for it and then waited patiently for her to get it. Imagine my surprise when it came in the mail and not only was it turned in the right direction for someone OVER 21 (horizontal and didn't have the under 21 plastered on it).

That was amazing enough......but it also gave her the yellow star she needs to make it a Real ID for travel. So that was pretty dang cool. So I just went online the other day to test it out and see if it would do the same for me. My license doesn't expire until 2022 so I didn't want to mess with a trip to the DPS if I don't have to.

I do have a Passport and a Passport card that I was just going to use for travel.....but heck if I can get a replacement license for $11 and save that wait in line later I am all in. I will keep you posted so you too can give it a try. Heck.....who WANTS to wait in that line if you don't have to?


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