It's not very often that we can ask a guy how often do you wash your hair, but when we can we do it.  Casey James is one guy that we can ask.  He has a head full of blond curls.  So how often does he wash his hair?

If you love country music, then you probably know who Casey James is.  One thing that he is know for is his hair.  Beautiful blond locks.  Any girl can tell you that it takes a lot to keep beautiful hair.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, James was asked some questions about his hair.  What kind of shampoo does he use?  His response, "Uhh… I don’t even know."  That is a typical guy if I ever heard one.  Haha.  This just tells you that as long as it works, guys don't care what they use.

The other hair question was how often do you wash your hair?  Now I am always shocked by this answer.  My hairstylist always tells me that water dries out your hair so you shouldn't wash it everyday.  I was brought up washing my hair every time I showered, no exceptions.  I still to this day wash my hair every time I shower, even if it's multiple times a day.  I wouldn't feel clean otherwise.

So how often does Casey James wash his hair?  "On average, every week and a half." So there ya go.  He doesn't wash every day or every other day but every week and a half.

How often do you wash your hair?

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