Ah yes, alcohol. Many songs have been written about it, one even simply titled "Alcohol". Thank you Brad Paisley.

It's the ultimate companion when you're at a party or social gathering. You look around and notice everyone around you is holding a bottle or glass with some sort of tasty concoction in it. Maybe you go sit down at Hummers for an appetizer and cold beer after a long day at work.

One becomes two, two becomes four. I mean, it's the circle of life at a party right? Someone asks if you need another one. You look at your drink and see it's less than half full. You figure, yeah I should probably grab another so I don't run out.

As you wait on that drink to arrive, you knock down whatever is left in the one you currently have. I mean, you don't want to be THAT person with a drink in each hand right?

Did you realize that's a sign of alcoholism? I know, it's just one time and I'm at a party. Problem is, every party repeats the same exact cycle right?

Alcohol.org recently did a study with nearly 5,000 people to see how many warning signs and symptoms of alcoholism they see in themselves.

Texas showed that 17% of those surveyed from the state could identify at least ONE sign of alcoholism in them. That's nearly one in five Texans over the age of 18. The national average in this survey checked in around 13%, so that puts our great state just over the threshold.

The biggest sign people admitted to was constantly monitoring their alcohol. No, I don't mean paying attention to how much they've drank, it's paying attention to how much is left in that glass or bottle.

Always wanting a full drink, or making sure the bartender isn't too far away in case you need another one is what that symptom is about. 46% of Texans named that something they recognize about themselves.

That's just the tip of the iceberg as this survey broke down all the different things people recognized about themselves when drinking. Check out the full study here, it's a very interesting read.

And P.S., Texas isn't anywhere close to the highest percentage. That dubious distinction belongs to Delaware of all places, checking in with 38% of their residents surveyed recognizing one of the symptoms of alcoholism.

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