Aaron Watson, one of Texas Country's crown jewels born on red dirt (Amarillo) shares his story of what it took for him to get to where he's landed.

Here is Aaron Watson's timeline, provided by Aaron Watson.

Beginning in 1999, Watson dreamed of becoming a country singer just like George Strait.

By 2001, Aaron was working two jobs, attending college and making a record. He played acoustic shows at coffee shops and lived in a closed down gas station.

After the album was released his dreams were CRUSHED. Nashville record labels said he wasn't good enough in 2002. But then "Off the Record" became a dance hall honky tonk hit.

In 2004, Watson returned home to Texas where he became the 'Honky Tonk Kid'. He got to sing a duet with Willie Nelson and married Kimberly. <3 As he progressed through 2005 Aaron Watson continued his heavy touring schedule, which consisted of 150-200 shows per year, "building a career one honky tonk at a time".

In 2006 his shows began selling our across the lone star state and... Jake was born!

In 2007 Watson began singing for a greater cause than himself - giving God the glory rain or shine.

In 2008 Nashville STILL tells Watson he doesn't have what it takes, but Angels & Outlaws hits #28 on the Country Billboard chart and he begins touring the midwest and West Coast. And Jack is born!

The Road and the Rodeo charts #25 on Country Billboard in 2010 and major labels call Aaron Watson a regional act. "But we aren't listening anymore" And Jolee Kate is born!

In 2012 Real Good Time hits #9 on Country Billboard, Aaron Watson plays their first European tour dates, and his family loses their little girl, Julia Grace.

The Underdog becomes the only independent album to hit #1 on Country Billboard in 2015 - yet the music industry calls Aaron Watson a regional success story. In the last three years, they have toured 40 states and 10 different countries. Oh yeah, Watson gets an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The final card is Aaron Watson's message to everyone out there, so I will post it word-for-word:

They always said we wouldn't... here we are 18 years, 13 albums & 2,000 shows later. We didn't chase phases, stages or flavors of the month. We stay true to our brand.

We work hard & we ride a horse named HUSTLE... I give you Vaquero.

So there you have it. Aaron Watson in the last 18 years.

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