Let's start off with 2020, The year that gave us promise at the start, It was the end of the decade, and as we looked forward to turning the page, we got slapped with one of the biggest pandemics of the modern era with COVID-19. It did a good job of shutting everything down, and gave us the burning terms "social distancing" "we're all in this together" and let's not even get into political season...only to keep things nice and civil in this post.

We made it through the Election and the world didn't burn down. (for the most part) and then 2021 came, It was supposed to be the answer to 2020. We were supposed to be over all of what came with the trials and tribulations. Things were supposed to get better. We were supposed to move on. Not so fast... 2021 is the year that basically so far has told last year... "Hold My Beer and Watch This!"

2021 Politics aside gave us a new President and to the disappointment of many... gave us the split of KimYe. I know we're all sadder for this....

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
Larry Busacca

And if things couldn't get any better? COVID-19 is still here and we're finally getting more and more folks immunized. Wait, that is a GOOD thing.

Good news isn't what I'm focusing on. because now we ware in the grips of one of the coldest Artic Blast we have seen in years. with Blackouts and cold that we don't


So where do we go from here? I'd like to be an optimist because hey, it's February, There's plenty of time to turn this around.

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