Cell phones are a part of everyday life now. Calling your close ones and playing games used to be all you could want in a cell phone. Times are changing. Texting, looking for a new app, or just surfing the internet are now a major part of having a cell phone.

To get the most out of you cell phones you need to buy a data (internet) plan. This is so you can use navigation apps to help you get from place to place or even if you need to surf the net while you're on the go.  Over the years, the internet speed that mobile devices are using has increased exponentially.

Back when home computers began having access to the internet, dial up was the way to go and now most computers don't even use dial up. It's all high speed. 3G was the first mobile "high speed" network and now 4G is taking over most of the country's mobile internet network. As of early Monday, Amarillo's AT&T service has upgraded to the fastest network yet. 4G LTE is now available for all AT&T Customers of the Amarillo area.

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