I was scrolling online recently and wondering how easy would it be to get a good job here in Amarillo. Is it possible to find something good that pays pretty decent. Oh, and would you have to have a college degree for this.

I mean it seems like it would be a difficult task to accomplish. Would it even be possible? So my search began.

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Right away I was hit with a job from AT&T. As a sales associate. I think this would be a fun job. They train you. You have to deal with figuring out why people's phones are not working. Sometimes it is as easy as "hey pay your bill." Sometimes it is tougher than that. Oh, but you have the opportunity to have the newest of phones. That seems like a pretty cool perk. The pay is about $56,000 a year. So yeah. You can check it out here.

If that doesn't seem like the job for you check out Ashley Furniture. Another job that seems to pay pretty well. Now I know you have to sell so if talking to people is not your forte this may not be for you. If you have that outstanding personality it is another job that doesn't require any college degree. Plus you will get a discount on their furniture. I like jobs with perks on top of the insurance and 401 K's. Check out the job listing here.

What else can I find. I promise I'm not looking for work right now, if you are reading this boss, but hey it's fun to see what is out there.

I've always been told that car sales was a place to get your feet wet when it comes to selling. Would any place be hiring and paying decent since of course production of cars has been slow. I found a job that pays up to $100,000. I get it. It's a sales job and that depends on you and how your skills are. Hey it can be decent. So if you are looking and need good benefits too this job may be for you here.

It looks like sales really is the way to go if you are looking to make money. Especially if you don't have a degree. I get that sales is tough. You need to be a people person. So if this is you. Go for it. You may end up with a very happy success story.

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