If you're thinking about setting up a date for Valentine's Day, you should probably make reservations today! If you're wanting to make a good impression and your favorite restaurant is booked up, we have some suggestions that will keep things from being awkward.

1. Karaoke: You don't have to sing, just go watch other people do it. If you hear a bad singer, you both have a lifetime memory. If the BOTH of you start groovin', you could do a duet together. Head over to Whiskey River for some karaoke

2. A museum: Have you been to the Panhandle Plains Museum lately? Always a good time and it gives you the option to talk to each other a lot, but don't force it. The goal is to be interesting, not "Cliff" the mailman from Cheers.

3. A Comedy Night: You aren't forced to interact the whole time and it's a good opportunity to see if your sense of humor matches up. When we were dating, I took my wife to see "Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life."  If she didn't laugh, that was a deal breaker.

4. Bowling: It's casual and it leaves the door open for physical contact. Western Bowl is a classic place to make good memories.

5. Arcade: It's playful and competitive and it might remind you of some fun childhood memories you can share or tell your future kids. Like the night, my wife (girlfriend then) waxed me at air hockey. I hadn't been beaten in years and she ended my streak. Cinergy is a great place to have a date.

If you're having a first date with someone, especially on Valentine's Day, there are some good ways to keep everything on an even keel without complications.

Where was your first date with your current significant other?

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