So we have had a lot of celebrations in the past few months. We had Thanksgiving. Right after that was Christmas. Oh and don't forget New Years. Now it's all back to the everyday life.

Hold up because we just had the game of all games over the weekend. We probably had a lot of food for The Super Bowl. We had a great half time show and probably had more food. Yesterday of course was Valentine's Day.

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There was more reason to celebrate of course.

Today is the Day We Can All Be Happy About

I love celebrating today. It is my favorite holiday of all. Of course I am talking about half price candy day. Don't believe me? Go into any store that you shopped in the past few  days.

Check out their Valentine's Day aisle. Yep, you guessed it. It is now all marked down. I mean they have to make room for all of their Easter candy. So anything you find about love or pink and red is marked down.

Hey if you wait long enough you may be able to score some great candy even less than half off. If you are a big fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups I am sure you can find plenty in a heart container. Grab a few. The savings are unreal.

I mean I am all for love. I promise you I am. What am I even more in love with? How about cheap candy. It never seems to disappoint. So grab yourself some now.


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