There's no doubt that we're all trying to save a little money here and there and with the holidays coming up having a little extra cash is a good thing. shortages aside there is one thing that there is plenty of and prices are going up. Gasoline. sure enough it's a necessary evil but there are a few things you can do to help get a few more miles out of each gallon you purchase.

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Keep your tires inflated.

driver checking air pressure and filling air in the tires close up

Did you know that when your tires are underinflated it could actually cost you? while 0.4% per pound under may not seem like much it adds up especially when you factor all four tires on your car, in many cases the average vehicle loses 3% of its mileage to this. Not only will your gas tank thank you, it actually makes your vehicle handle much better and you're less likely to have premature wear, or worse a blowout while driving. by the way, overinflating doesn't have the opposite effect of increasing mileage, but will wear the center tread out faster.

Maintenance Counts

Hands of automotive mechanic check and inspecting the engine of the car.
Narongrit Sritana

Keeping that oil changed and following the maintenance schedule keeps your engine running smooth and in turn more efficient when it comes to burning fuel. an oxygen sensor that's gone bad could cost you 40% of your fuel economy not to mention the rough ride and no power when you hit the gas. Tune ups may not seem like much but they keep things humming along nicely.

Cruise Control is Your Friend

Sebastian Gorczowski
Sebastian Gorczowski

Now its not recommended for in town street driving but when you're on the road for a while the smoothed out acceleration with cruise control can help get a few extra miles out of each gallon of gas. When you can't use it in town, avoid quick starts at the light keeping to steady acceleration/deceleration curve.

Watch That Speed

Low angle side view of car driving fast at sunset with motion speed effect .

Oh here's a good one, believe it or not most vehicles are actually optimized for the best fuel efficiency between 30 and 65 miles per hour. Now I'm not saying be that guy on the Canyon E-Way who goes 65 in the fast lane... yeah don't be... but if you don't need to go 80, it actually helps. oh and the fine folks doing law enforcement here in the panhandle are less likely to pay you a social call roadside.

Rewards Programs

Happy woman sitting inside her new car showing credit card

Ok, maybe you don't wanna deal with car maintenance or changing your driving habits. How about saving cash? Many gas stations, grocery stores and credit cards offer rewards programs that offer savings with purchases using rewards programs or customer loyalty. Here in Amarillo, The United Supermarkets family offers a program. there are plenty of apps too that offer cash back rewards.

A lot of this is common sense but it adds up and right now any help we can get is a plus. I don't think we'll see sub $2.00 gas any time soon but if you get an extra 10-20 miles out of a tank, call it a win.

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