I am one of those weirdos whom absolutely LOVE the winter months. If it snowed every day in Amarillo I would be the happiest human alive... However, one thing I do hate is rushing around in the morning trying to get out of the only to be met by a layer of ice on my windshield. So, what do you do if you don't have an ice scraper? Here are the best alternatives according to the internet.

1. CD Case

You may not remember what this is... in the old day's we used to have a physical disc to have music on before it was all in our pocket. Those discs came in a plastic case. Use that!

2. Credit Card/Drivers License/Gift Cards

If you are in a hurry grab your wallet and see what cards you have in there and a it!

3. Warm Water and Mop

Okay, so this is a little hardcore and a lot of effort but it could work? Get a bucket of warm water and a mop and wipe it on the windshield. Just make sure it is not hot water because going from hot cold to hot so fast could make your windshield bust.

4. Spatulas

Grab a spatula on the way out the door and you'll be set. If you have a pancake spatula, even better!

5. Pine Cones

This would take FOREVER but I can see how that would work.

6. A ruler of any kind.

A quick rummage through your child’s schoolbag should see you triumphantly retrieve this most effective scraper substitute. While you are at it, why not just ask your child to also do the scraping too?

Have any suggestions? Let us know!

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