Every true Texan can agree that the Lone Star State is the best place in America... possibly the whole world. So, if you grew up here, you know that we like to respect and uphold the law and be good citizens. But sometimes that leads us to create laws that become outdated, irrelevant, or just plain weird.

Check out these 10 weird Texas laws we found!

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    Swearing in front of a corpse

    In some parts of Texas it is illegal to say a cuss word in front of a dead person.

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    You can't ride a horse after dark

    In Texarkana, it is illegal to ride your horse after dark with out tail lights.

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    You can't flirt using your eyes

    In San Antonio, their legal "dating laws" do not allow flirting by using your eyes or hands.

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    No feather dusting

    In Clarendon, it is illegal to feather dust inside a public building.

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    Pig pleasure

    In a south Texas town called Kingsville, it is illegal for two pigs to make love at the airport.

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    Awkward elevator farts

    In Port Arthur, Texas, it is illegal to pass gas in any elevator.

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    No mohawks

    In Mesquite, it is illegal for kids to have any "unusual" hair cuts.

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    Milking someone else's cow

    In the whole state of Texas, it is illegal to milk another man's cow.

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    No hunting in a helicopter

    The Lone Star State has a law that still stands to this day that it is illegal for someone to try and shoot any kind of animal from a helicopter.


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