News over the weekend came out that the Amarillo Bulls will be no more after this season. They're going to be relocating for the 2021-2022 season. That got me thinking about other teams that have come and gone in Amarillo.

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Amarillo Challengers

Heads up, if you do a Google search for Amarillo Challengers you will find more info on cars available in town than the team. The Challengers were a soccer team in the mid/late '80s and early '90s.

Amarillo Gassers

Going way, way back for this one. The Amarillo Gassers were a baseball team in Amarillo in 1923. They were the first Minor League club in Amarillo.

Amarillo Gold Sox

The Amarillo Gold Sox are another, more well known part of pro baseball in Yellow City. The Gold Sox would be here for quite a while before moving on. They also have the honor of having one of the most poorly thought out mascots in sports history. An anthropomorphic sock that looks like a cross between a banana and something I can't put words to out of good taste, makes for a memorably awkward mascot that lives in online infamy.

In the mascot's defense, at least he was always excited to see you.

Amarillo Sox/Thunderheads

Another couple of links in the minor league baseball chain in Amarillo include the Amarillo Sox, which became the Thunderheads. The Thunderheads left Amarillo in 2015.

Amarillo Wranglers

Hockey actually has quite the history in Amarillo. The Amarillo Wranglers were the farm team for the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. They were here from '68 to '71.

Amarillo Rattlers

More Amarillo hockey. The Rattlers were around from '96 until '02. The team itself, and hockey wouldn't be leaving Amarillo though. They just decided to try on a new animal.

Amarillo Gorillas

The Gorillas would actually last a long while. They were around from '02 until 2010. Still, that's not the end of hockey in Amarillo.

Amarillo Bulls

The Bulls would take over after the Gorillas left Amarillo. The Amarillo Bulls will be hanging it up at 11 years with Amarillo, and will be moving to another city. God speed and good luck to the team.

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