In all honesty, Amarillo is great place to live. We have our own share of problems, sure, but all-in-all I'm glad this is home.

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That being said, if Amarillo had a Christmas wish list I imagine it would look a little like this.

In A Perfect World, We Wouldn't Need Traffic Cones

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It's a tired point anymore. Our commute woes are no secret. Like this recent photo I took of the intersection at 45th and Western.

Traffic cones are like the mythical hydra. You cut one head off, and a million more pop up to take its place.

Cajun Cuisine and Seafood Are Taking Over, Or So It Seems

Creole style crawfish boil with corn and potato with a casual, rustic feel.

I love when we get new restaurants in town. I love trying them out. It seems like in recent history though, Amarillo is slowly turning into a hotbed of Cajun cuisine on the high plains.

I'm all about new restaurants, but I could use a little more variety. Interestingly enough, we are getting a new Mediterranean restaurant. So, maybe we'll get our Christmas wish for "variety."

Block Party...Music Festival...Please?


I was talking recently with a friend of mine about music fests and the block party. We both talked about how much we missed the occasional music festival in Amarillo and the big block parties we used to have.

Could we have one again...please?

What Else Should Be On Amarillo's Christmas List?

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