So we've been playing baseball here in Amarillo since the fall of 2021.

We have dealt with some very different and interesting challenges here that we didn't have in Austin.

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One of those challenges is really starting to become...well, large.

The Southeast Canyon fields, where we play games and hold practices is a nice facility. The fields are always maintained relatively well and the scenery is great. It has a playground for the kids to go enjoy, and there's even a little fishing pond area that the kids like to go over to when their team isn't practicing.

The pond though is becoming a bit of a nuisance these days.

Ok, so maybe it's not the pond itself, it's what's in the pond. Not fish...geese. Angry and loud ones.

If they were to stay over in the pond area, they'd be fine and perfectly acceptable to look at and enjoy. The main issue is they have officially invaded the fields themselves, as well as the road that leads to the fields.

They take their sweet time working across the road, and sometimes they won't even move. I try to give them their space and work across the street, but sometimes I have to honk the horn to get them to waddle their way across the street.

As you can imagine, this has a tendency to anger them a bit.

As for the fields, I've never seen so many goose droppings in one place...and I don't blame the kids for not wanting to field a ground ball. They have no idea if they're gonna bring up some poop with them.

Oh, and one last thing. They don't like to exit the field when it's time for practice. Sure, they eventually work their way off the field as baseballs start flying around, but they aren't so eager to leave as the kids take the field. They just move to a different side of the field.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the geese. The kids seem to enjoy seeing them and they only seem to get snippy if the kids start to pick on them a bit (which of course they do, they're kids). I'm just saying it's a bit of a distraction and inconvenience when we're trying to get some work done.

Any tricks on how to keep them at least off the playing field?

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