There are a lot of celebrations that have had to be canceled over the past several months due to concerns over Covid-19. This week, there is a "party in place" that is being held that hopes to get members of the community together to celebrate.

The event is the Plemons Eakle Neighborhood Association Party in Place Parade, and they are celebrating graduates of the Class of 2020, kids who who are or have celebrated birthdays, and loved ones living at the BCS community off of 15th Street.

Ruckus and Sparky will also be there. And get this, there is going to be a 10 piece brass ensemble. All while maintaining social distancing.

That's a whole lot packed into one parade on a Thursday evening. Definitely the first one I've seen in a while with a whole brass ensemble at its disposal.

Here's the route that the parade will take, according to the information I was given:

Meet at the Amarillo College parking lot at 24th & Jackson to line up. Drive east on 24th to Van Buren, south on Van Buren to 30th street, east on 30th to Tyler, north on Tyler to 15th, through the BCS community and back to Harrison. South on Harrison to 28th, east on 28th to Oliver Eakle Park to drive around the park and disperse.

They encourage everyone to find a spot along the route to watch, but do want remind everyone to maintain social distancing while enjoying the parade.

If you have a kid who has graduated, or missed celebrating a birthday, keep an eye out for this on Thursday evening.

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