If you want to shake things up at the office, then call Hurts Donuts.

Back around Halloween, A doughnut shop in Frisco, Texas thought of a fun way to have doughnuts delivered to people and scare the crap out of people. For $10 extra Hurts would deliver your doughnuts to whoever you wanted. The delivery guy would be dress like a scary mutant clown you might find in the sewers.

The store thought it would be fun for people to have some breakfast delivered with a creepy twist. Nothing like a glazed doughnut with a side of nightmares to get your day going.

After the success of the clown delivery, Hurts Donuts said it will continue with it's themed deliveries this spring and summer. With Easter around the corner, it looks like you can have a bunny bring your some yummy breakfast soon. Hurts Donuts did not say what they have planned for the summer just yet.


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