This amazing story about a little 12-year-old Chihuahua mix from Bowling Green, Kentucky is making news on the internet.

The Chihuahua's name is Jaxon. He was adopted by a woman named Kelli Brown who found him in a shelter about four years ago when he was eight.

The story that has everyone talking is his favorite toy. A stuffed alligator name Greenie that Kelli found at Pet-smart. It's the only toy he will play with.

She actually bought several of them because he rips them up pretty quickly. She gives him a new one every six months.

When it was time to go buy a new batch of Greenie's she found out that Pet-Smart stop selling that toy.

She went on the store's website to try to buy some but they were discontinued there too. So she took her crusade to twitter and made this post.

She found eight of them, which should last Jaxon awhile. She sent them to Kelli last month, and would not accept any money. She told Kelli that they were a gift.

Look how happy Jaxon is!

Credit: Kelli Brown Twitter
Credit: Kelli Brown Twitter


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