Over the summer, we all saw the headlines about the distemper outbreak affecting Texas. It didn't take long before it affected Amarillo as it had the rest of the state. Finally, we're getting some great news.

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Most Recent Distemper Data Leads To Eased Restrictions

In a press release put out today from Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, they've decided to ease restrictions on the public after looking at the most recent data regarding the distemper outbreak.

The shelter is resuming regular public access as of today (Oct 19, 2021), with some precautions in place.

Precautions When Visiting The Shelter

While this is fantastic news, there are still some precautions you are being asked to take when you go to the shelter.

  • The public isn't allowed in the dog kennel area, but will be able to view the dogs from outside those areas. Make an appointment, and Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare staff will assist you with meeting your new pet.
  • Dogs are able to be adopted. You'll be able to return to get the rest of the dog's booster shots, and you'll also get info on distemper risks and indicators.
  • Dogs will no longer have an "available on" date on their tags. Instead, they'll receive an asterisk after their name so you'll know they've been vaccinated.

Great News For Dogs and the Rest of Us

I've always been vocal about going to the shelter/pound to get a family pet. While rescues do a good job at what they do, these dogs often get overlooked and forgotten about. If you and your family are thinking about adding a four-legged friend to the fold, consider stopping by the shelter first to see if there's a fit for you.

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