Pets are an integral part of our lives.  They steal our hearts and become a part of our families.

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I just want to share a scenario with you.

A family has a dog and they love that dog very much.  The family then finds out they are going to have to move, and no matter how hard they try they cannot find a place within their budget that will allow pets.  It breaks their hearts but they have to find a new home for their beloved dog.   They find a good home for their dog and move.

However, the love and the guilt that they had from leaving their dog behind still haunts them.

That is the exact scenario that happened to a couple from Pampa.  They ended up having to move to the Fr. Worth area.  They weren't able to secure a new home so they gave their beloved Kuzco away.  After getting settled in Ft. Worth they realized they truly missed their dog.  They tried to reconnect with the person they gave Kuzco to and couldn't find the person.  They started checking out the Pampa Animal Control website regularly to see if, by some sort of fate, Kuzco would be featured.

As luck would have it on February 6th, Kuzco was put on the website.  The couple reached out to the shelter the very next day and shared their story.  On February 8th, after making the trip from Ft. Worth, they showed up at the Pampa Animal Control, to take their baby home.

Pampa Animal Control/Tori Kelly
Pampa Animal Control/Tori Kelly
It took a minute at the most for Kuzco to recognize them! When he did, he went wild!! He whined and jumped on them! He ran around them and licked them! He was so happy!!

This story just shows us that animals do remember their humans, even after two years. They remember the ones that loved them and took care of them, and they also remember those who aren't loving to them.

Unfortunately, this couple at the time had to make a decision that broke their hearts, and had to make a decision to rehome their pet.  However, the steps they took to find him and bring him home were a sign of the love they had for their dog.

Kuzco is now back in the arms of his humans, and his humans have their beloved dog.

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