A lot of families have a tradition of going to the movie theater on Christmas or Thanksgiving to watch a movie. If that's your family, you have several choices available in the area.

New Releases In Time For Thanksgiving

One big release is the latest video game inspired entry into the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City looks like the kind of Resident Evil film fans of the games have been hoping for with every new entry in the film series.

Gamers who love the franchise will be familiar with several parts of the trailer for this one.


Encanto is the latest Disney film that your kids are going to be insane over. There's a family where all of the children are born with magical powers, except one. As is the case with this kind of set up, the day must be saved as Mirabel discovers her own special powers.

The soundtrack sounds great. The team behind it is amazing. This will definitely be a treat for the whole family.


House Of Gucci looks great, the cast is stacked with big names, and it is based on the legendary story behind one of the world's biggest brand names. In all honesty, this one looks like it could be very, very good.


Which Theaters Are Open In Amarillo On Thanksgiving

The good news is that it looks like you'll have plenty of options when it comes to where you will be taking in a movie with the family on Thanksgiving.

Cinergy Entertainment has show times listed for Thanksgiving Day. Encanto, Resident Evil, and House of Gucci will all be playing.

Regal UA will be open on Thanksgiving according to their website. They showings listed for these three films as well as a handful of others so you'll have plenty to choose from in case none of these strike your fancy.

Cinemark has showtimes listed for Thanksgiving Day, and they will also have these three movies. Plus, they have several others that will be showing that day. Again, you'll have plenty to choose from when it comes to going to the theater.

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