Christmas has the tendency to bring out the creative side of people.  For years now, people are finding more and more unique, exuberant and bright Christmas light decorations to put on their homes. Some people stick with the traditional lights and outline their house. Others add more lights and add Christmas music. Then there are those who have enough lights that even the sun needs sunglasses and  they sync the blinking of the lights to music.

Sometimes it's traditional Christmas music, other times it's a crazy remix of some sort.  Which is the case for the house in the video below. It features a house that is very well lit and the lights have been nicely choreographed to a rather active song.  I would like to see this house in person, but I would hate to live next door. Clark Griswold would hate to live next to the house.  Take a look for yourself and be amazed.

WARNING! If rapid movement or rapid light flashes make you uncomfortable--you should avoid watching this video.

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