George Strait has a new collection of music coming out this November, Strait Out Of The Box: Part 2. In honor of the upcoming box set, Aaron Watson covered his favorite George Strait song.

Watson also shared the story of how the song became his favorite, thanks to a visit to a radio station.

... In my goody bag they put a 45 of "Amarillo by Morning," your current single, and when I got home my dad put the 45 on the turntable and we listened to 'Amarillo by Morning' for the first time. And that year my dad bought my first two vinyl records, Strait from the Heart, and Thriller by Michael Jackson

"I was honored to be asked by George Strait's record label to cover my favorite George Strait song in celebration of the release of "Strait Out Of The Box: Part 2" and George's Texas roots. Probably like you I grew up on and wore out the first one!:

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