OMG! I have hurt my toe and now I am on a knee scooter!

I hurt the toe playing with my circus monkeys at home better known as kids, dogs, and horses. I can't put any pressure on it so I have two options, crutches, or a scooter. I hope that you are understanding that a knee scooter is NOT COOL!!

I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) folks and I am just saying that it's not fitting for a woman my size to be on a four-wheel death trap. but here we are and I look ridiculous, and I feel like my butt looks way bigger when I am scooting around!! HAHAHA! also, the kids think its a new toy, this scooter is a rental, so I told them one dollar per ride.

By the time I'm done with this contraption it will almost be paid for itself if only they would stop asking my husband for ones. Please, when you see me coming "GET out the Way!! Big Mama's toe should be healed in two weeks.

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