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A nice fall hike can be just what the doctor ordered before the cold winter months keep us inside.

Whether you are taking the Light House trail or something more advanced. We want to share our favorite hiking gear with you before you hit the trails in Palo Duro Canyon.

1. A Power Bank! There is nothing more disappointing than finishing your hike to a beautiful view and not having a charged phone or camera to capture the moment.

2. Ladies, you can still look good on your adventure! Check out this cute ponytail hat before your next hike.

3. Emergency kit. You never know what could happen out there. This kit has everything from first ad resources to a knife and compass.

4. You never want to get stuck in PDC at night. Headlamps are crucial!

5. By far the best thing I could recommend is a Camelbak backpack. It will keep hydrated for your adventure without lugging around a water bottle.

What is your favorite trail in Palo Duro Canyon? Leave us a comment!

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