There's not a lot of things that most people look forward to these days with weather and Covid and all other things going on in the world. I may not be the best person to talk about this but for a few of us Church keeps us sane. It's not just about what the sermon is or what hymns are a part of the service, It is about Fellowship and detaching from the world for a few minutes to spend time with a higher power. I'm not saying we all need that. It is an individual choice but for the members of the Community of Christ Church on South Manhattan here in Amarillo, that right to have a place to assemble was taken away by an arsonist last night. We have his name, but no credit will be given to him. Just know he's in custody

Amarillo Fire responded to a call for service and by the time they had arrived last night shortly after 10:30 PM, They found the structure was completely consumed by flames. Firefighters were able to contain and ultimately put out the blaze, but the building is considered to be a total loss.

One burning question, (no pun intended) Who exactly does something like this? With all the bad and all the crazy in the world why go after a church or any temple, mosque for that matter? What is going on in a person's life that motivates this?

And even if you burn down the physical building, as any parishioner will tell you, You won't destroy the spirit of the community of faith that goes with it.

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