How many times has this happened to you? Your kid had a blowout and you realized you're out of diapers or maybe you work odd hours and you want to pick something up on the way home because you simply don't want to cook. Well if you're in Amarillo you're options aren't really that great. You would think that a city on one of the largest east west routes in the nation with 200,000 plus folks would be better with this right?

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Case in point, I'm one of those folks who still pays rent with a Money order. Don't judge. I'd rather see the money go vs watching it float and not being able to budget right. Anyway. life happens and I didn't have time to get to a place that could get me a money order and I learned quickly that in Amarillo... if you need anything past 10 pm in most cases you're basically out of luck or are going to have to drive out of your way across town. I was ultimately able to find a convenience store that took care of me but still. lessons learned.

So Where Can You Go?

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The big warehouse stores are out, all of the Wal-Mart locations in Amarillo are no longer 24 hour options, the Coulter one was the last to offer these hours and those went away during the pandemic with an 11pm closing time. Most of the CVS are in the same boat with 10 pm hours except Hillside which gives you another hour to hit the gas and press your luck. If you don't make it, the Walgreens across the street is open till midnight.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Speaking of Walgreens, they do offer a 24 hour location at Bell and 34th. If you work your way down to 45th you'll also find the only 24 grocery store in Amarillo with United Supermarkets location there on the southwest corner.

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

There's some dining options too for night owls, many drive throughs do offer late night service through midnight or even 1 am but if you want true 24 hour service there's always Whataburger. It would be kinda cool to see a local option too here but staffing these days seems to be a hard ask for many. Not into burgers? You can have your fill with Denny's, IHOP or Waffle House which also run 24 hours.

There's plenty of places that used to offer 24 hour service here and may go back to doing so when they get staffing. There are plenty of convience stores that are open late too but sometimes you need something they don't have. Amarillo isn't a small town anymore and there are plenty of folks who need some of these services during the 3rd shift. What would you like to see open late? let us know on our free app.

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